With Sell and Stay, retired home owners can sell a home and unlock its full equity, but without any need to move or to enter into a costly reverse mortgage. This acts like a house sale and rent back scheme that allows you to stay in your home for as long as you elect to do after selling the home. Our aim is to let the retired home owners overcome their fears, heartaches, and financial pains associating with selling up a home and relocation to new places. That’s why retired home owners engage us to avail their homes’ full liquidity and for planning their finances after the retirement.

This Sell and Stay concept will enable you to sell your house privately (in a discrete manner) and without paying any real estate commissions. It will further allow you to stay on as the home occupier. So you can avoid the costly interest payments associated with reverse mortgages and prevent the bank profiting from your lifetime of hard work with the assistance of SellandStay.com.au

Welcome to Sell and Stay

Sell and Stay Reverse Mortgage
Sell and Stay Reverse Mortgage

How Does it Work? 

The Sell and Stay process varied depending on the desires of the seller, however typically follow a process similar to the following:

  • An independent registered valuer establishes the sales value and rental value of the home.

  • Based upon the valuations and the time frame of occupancy for the owner, the property is purchased, and funds available from the sale are paid directly to the owner.

  • A long-term lease is created which provides the seller the security and peace of mind to remain in the residence for a pre-agreed time frame.

  • The seller is then provided with ongoing payments over the course of the agreement period.

  • Allocation of costs invoked during the sale and lease period are negotiable, and are allocated in line with the terms of the mutual agreement.

  • The seller is required to vacate the property at the end of the agreement period.

Do I Qualify for Sell and Stay?

The Sell and Stay concept is only compatible with the circumstances of certain personnel. To be eligible for the Sell and Stay program you must:


  • Be a retiree

  • Be of normal retirement age

  • Own your own home

  • Live in your own home, and are keen to stably remain in the same residence

  • Be capable of legally selling your home

The Sell and Stay process can be applied in most cases if the home is mortgaged with either a fixed or reverse mortgage, and the owner is able to contract. Do you meet the above requirements, and is this something that would improve your lifestyle? If so, visit our CONTACT US page.




Established in 2008, we are a team experienced in assisting retirees develop solutions so as they can be assured long term real estate security. Our years of experience have provided peace of mind for many Australians seeking the quality of life they deserve throughout their retirement in long term secure accommodation.

We acknowledge and value our client's right to privacy with the highest regard. Our trusted services are provided with this in mind, ensuring that all of our customers expectations around confidentiality throughout the Sell and Stay process are handled in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988, a national regulatory requirement.

Our aim is simple, to enable our customers to unlock the equity in their home and gain access to affordable long term accommodation. Educating our clients on the sale and lease back process is a key part of our service, ensuring that a tailored solution is availed based on each customer's individual circumstances.