Sell and  Stay

How You Benefit

Those of retirement age deserve security, peace of mind, and flexibility after many years of hard work. Sell and Stay acknowledges this, and avails the following benefits to support you through this momentous period of your life:

• Ability to stay in your own home for the life of the agreement period

• Pay off your debts

• Financially assist your loved ones

• Arrange alternative retirement accommodation

• Buy a car or other mobility vehicles

• Go on a well-deserved holiday

• And most importantly, live a comfortable lifestyle

• No need to rely on unreliable tenants for your income

• No need to be at the mercy of landlords for housing security


Recognising your financial security is important to us, which is why the following items are important to note:

• No interest rates are generated throughout the Sell and Stay process, or incorporated into the sale price

• Sell and Stay enables you to extract the full financial value of your home

• In many cases, the sale of your property will not affect your eligibility for the pension

• No real estate agent’s signs are displayed on your property at any point

• No commissions are invoked at any stage throughout the Sell and Stay process

• No buyers or sticky beaks wandering through your home at any time

• The whole Sell and Stay process is kept strictly confidential

• The Sell and Stay concept protects against any future housing downturns

• Shields against the rising cost of living, and any reduction or erosion of government pensions

• Prevents from having to make an economic judgement on the cycle of interest rates, and their subsequent impact on the real estate market

• And best of all, the agreement period is negotiable, you choose how long you stay

Retired and need more money to live on? If so, get in contact with us to learn how we can help you.