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Sell and Stay is a family business concept that was founded from personal experience in trying to find one our family members stable long term accommodation. As we progressed with our initial enquires, we quickly discovered a demand for many others seeking the same type of residential and financial security.


Over the years we have had experiences with retirees needing such support, however their overwhelming desire was to remain in the property that they have called home for many years. We have family members on hand who have significant experience in being able to assist providing you a housing solution based on your personal circumstances.


If you feel as though the Sell and Stay concept is something that would improve your lifestyle and that of your family's, and you would like further information, please fill in your details and questions in the adjacent contact field. We would be happy to talk you through the process with the aim of helping determine if the Sell and Stay concept is appropriate for you or your family's personal circumstances.

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