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Why It's Good to Sell And Lease Back House

Have you ever tough about profiting from your property? Have you ever googled your house and how much it's worth on the market? If you have, you know that you can make a lot of money from it, but then a question arises - where will you live? The answer is in the very popular deal that many people in Australia and around the world are making and it's called sell and lease back house. Why it's good? Because if you want to make money out of your house you need to sell it, but then you'll need to find a place to live. You probably bought or built yourself that house a long time ago when the value of it was way different than now. It's a smart move to sell it and profit, but looking for another p

How Old a Person Should be For a Reverse Mortgage

When a person reaches that age when it's close to retirement, they begin dreaming about how the retirement years are going to be. Some make plans for travels, some for investing in businesses they always thought are great, and some are trying to find a way to continue or finally start living the way they deserve. Whatever the plan is, a senior person to be, realizes they'll need more money than the regular pension will be. A senior person simply can't get a standard loan from the banks. Banks see the older people not enough eligible for regular loans because of their age. They are simply not sure whether it's cost-effective to borrow the money. This is why the banks invented something called

Should I Sale And Rent Back With a Mortgage on my Property?

Facing your debts is never easy. Trying to clear them is even harder. A lot of people that got into this mess know how difficult it is to become debt free, but they also probably know that the best solution to reach that goal is to sell your property. Before you decide to sell, you probably already placed a mortgage on it. The banks will easily give you a loan if you agree on the mortgage, but what if this becomes not enough to cover your debts? Then you can try the sale and rent back mortgages option which is very popular around Australia and around the world. How does it work? Well, first you need to have a property on your name on which you already have a mortgage. The bank won't let you

Alternatives to Reverse Mortgages

People retiring in Australia often receive relatively low pensions that are simply not enough for a decent life. That's why seniors in Australia are deciding to take action and fund their pensions with alternative sources. This is where reverse mortgage plan comes into play. So what are the alternatives to reverse mortgages and how can a senior citizen use this loan? The reverse mortgage plan is a loan provided by the banks based on the property the senior citizen owns. The banks give a loan and in return, they get an equity of the shares of the property that the owner has. There are two alternatives to reverse mortgages. You can either get a lump sum or receive a monthly payment that will b

Sale And Rent Back Schemes

If you're looking for a fast lump sum in your pocket for whatever reason you might need, then you probably already heard about the sale and rent back schemes that are very popular in Australia. If you haven't, this is the place you'll learn more about it. If you have a house or other property on your name and you want to make it profitable or make money out of it, then you can, of course, sell it. But, if you sell your own home, then you're left without a place to live. That's why many people are choosing some of the sale and rent back schemes - they are an easy way to make money, yet, without the need to move out and have additional expenses and problems. To make a sell and rent back you ne

Rent or Sell Home: The Never-ending Dilemma

If you're facing the question is it better to rent or sell home, then you're a part of many other people asking themselves the same question. To be honest, there's no one answer to this, it's up to the person to decide what they like more. However, selling and renting both have their own positive and negative sides. Pros and Cons. First, you need to know that if selling your home seems like an interesting idea, you should be aware of the value of your home. The market goes up and down and no one can really predict how the market will be in 1, 5 or 20 years. It's most probable that the market will crash once in about a decade. This means you'll need to sell your home when the market is at its

What Reverse Mortgage Fees You'll Face in Australia?

If you're a senior citizen, or you're close to that age when people are getting retired, then someone probably talked with you about that amazing loan plan that's called reverse mortgage. If you know what it is, then you probably know how good it is, but what you probably don't know in details is how much you need to be aware of the reverse mortgage fees that are applied to the loan. First, however, let's explain what is a reverse mortgage and then we'll explain why reverse mortgage fees are important. The reverse mortgage plan is made for people that are retired. This means you can't get this kind of loan if you're under the age of 60, and in some banks, you probably won't get a loan if you