How Does it Work?

This is how the Sell and Stay process works.

  • An independent registered real estate valuer establishes the sales value and rental value of the home.

  • Based upon the valuations and the time frame of occupancy for the owner, the property is bought, and the balance of funds available from the sale is paid directly to the owner.

  • A long-term lease is created which provides the seller the security and peace of mind to remain in the residence for the pre-agreed timeframe.

  • The seller is then provided with ongoing payments over the course of the agreement period.

  • Allocation of costs invoked during the sale and lease period are negotiable, and are allocated in line with the terms of the mutual agreement.

  • The seller is required to vacate the property at the end of the agreement period.

The following are examples of the Sell and Stay process works:

Mick and Rachel Sabas were a married couple who lived Croydon. They were both financially secure after building up a modest real estate portfolio during their working life. Arriving to Australia as migrants in the 50’s, the Sabas had no family members living locally in Australia, and did not have anyone to turn to during their retirement years for support.


Being acutely aware of the high long term costs associated with reverse mortgages, the Sabas decided to instead enter into a Sell and Stay type agreement which enabled them to remain living in their own home for up to 10 years. As part of this arrangement, the Sabas were able to have continual access to their home over the next 10 years as part of the agreement conditions. They were provided with ongoing monthly payments over the course of the agreement period, providing them with the flexibility to enjoy the twilight years of their life together, all without affecting their pension eligibility.

Sell and Stay
Sell and Stay Reverse Mortgage

Another instance was a couple in Sydney in their late 60's who mortgaged their home so as they could support their son go into business. The business venture failed, and the parents were subsequently left with a big mortgage they could not repay. They entered into a Sell and Stay type arrangement which enabled them to remain in the family home, provide peace of mind for the future, and ensure their security.