Top Alternatives for Reverse Mortgage in Australia

Sell and Stay is a trusted provider of reverse mortgage alternative financial solutions in Australia that ensures a secure accommodation option to retirees with some property.  We have a demonstrated track record of providing our clients with substitutes to expensive reverse mortgages throughout Australia, and we are saving them thousands of dollars on interest. Our reputation has been established from our extensive experience in supporting retirees to maintain their desired quality of life during the twilight years. We provide the safest and easiest options to release the equity in your home, which fulfils your financial needs, and let you stay in your home.

Our concept is extremely easy to understand, sell in your house and then stay in it, all without needing to pay the interest and fees that are normally associated with a reverse mortgage. Senior citizens who are open to selling their house for cash can get Australian Reverse Mortgage information and solutions. Our interactive reverse mortgage calculator guides on how a reverse mortgage loan can impact your financial circumstances for the short and long term. That’s how you can check if the reverse mortgages are an appropriate option for you, or otherwise.

Why to consult Sell & Stay for Australian Reverse Mortgage Information?

Best Lender:                    We shop around to discover the most appropriate financers to let you save thousands of dollars in                                                 cash.

Quick Approval:              Our staff does the legwork to approve your loan fast so you can finance your needs against your                                                     home equity.

Privacy & Security:         We are trained and experienced, so we deal with government regulations and show you to the best                                               options.

How We Work?

Our concept is extremely easy to understand, sell in your house and then stay in it, all without needing to pay the interest and fees that are normally associated with a reverse mortgage.

What Happens When You Engage Sell and Stay?

·         Once we receive your initial inquiry we will organise a face-to-face meeting with you to enable us to understand your current financial situation and desired future needs. From this information we will be able to develop solutions tailored to your situation to provide you with secure accommodation and financial security, all without the need for a reverse mortgage.

Meeting with Your Financial Priorities Is Our Priority

·         Understanding your financial priorities and providing you with reverse mortgage free options is the most important part of our service, of which provides the correct framework for you to enjoy your retirement with secure long term accommodation and financial peace of mind.

Ongoing Payments When You Need Them

·         We ensure that your home's equity is released at the rate that best suits your personal needs, providing you with the liquidity and peace of mind to enjoy your retirement.

You Can Trust Our Professionalism and Experience

·         Utilising our years of experience, our aim is to provide our clients with alternatives to expensive reverse mortgages, saving them thousands of dollars.

We Educate You on All Technical Aspects

·         Part of our service is educate our customers on Sell and Stay, of which is crucial to enable our clients to understand the process. We educate our clients on pros and cons of the process, and coach them on how it may impact their circumstances.

We Act In Your Best Interest

·         Different lenders that have different terms and conditions makes it difficult to find the most appropriate lender for your circumstances. Understanding this, we will support you in every stage of the decision making process.

Other Benefits…

We customize the information from three different angles.

How much can you borrow?

Taking your income and expenses into account with respect to the property’s worth and conditions, we give you an estimate of how much you can borrow under a reverse mortgage plan.


What would be your repayments?

We estimating your future repayments as per what you borrow, your expenses and property value so you can always choose the finest sell and stay plan for yourself.


How much upfront costs would be?

Due to government regulation of reverse mortgage plans in Australia, we note everything from government costs to stamp duty to property taxes to let you make some well-informed decisions.

Retired and need more money to live on? If so, call us to learn how we can help you on freecall 1800 888 366.

Reverse Mortgage Comparison

Reverse mortgages are an accessible option to those who own their home and need alternative sources of cash flow, but are they suitable in the long term? The ABC's 'The Checkout' television show highlights the lighter side of reverse mortgages in the following short video:

All reverse mortgages incorporate an interest component that, over time, compounds and erodes the value of your home. Most reverse mortgage products attract establishment and servicing fees, which are also subject to interest, and add up to be sizable over the course of the loan period.

Sell and Stay products do not contain any interest components or fees.

We provide Australian reverse mortgage information and solutions to senior citizens who are open to selling their house for cash. Use our interactive calculator (available via the desktop version of this website) to work out how a reverse mortgage may impact your financial circumstances, both in the short and long term. Alternatively, the Federal Government's MoneySmart website has reverse mortgage calculator to assist determining whether reverse mortgages are appropriate for your situation.