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How Many Investment Properties Do You Need To Retire?

March 28, 2017

Enjoy more of your retirement years with extra cash.  If you are looking for more opportunities for money, then you can consider assets.  How many investment properties do you need to retire?  Understanding how this can assist with the support that you need is the next step to making the most of your time after your career.  


How many investment properties do you need to retire?  Many will consider getting more properties or assets, specifically to sell the properties as cash is needed.  This can provide more funding during the later years of one’s life while offering a monetary cushion for those that are interested in finding the needed results for their retirement.  This first step allows you to have more options for leisure or care that may be needed. 


While many will look at more properties, there are other situations where this is not an option.  How many investment properties do you need to retire?  If you have a home, then you can use this as the main option for your retirement.  You have the capacity of using your current home to have a lump sum of cash from your assets.  With a reverse mortgage, there are alternatives and solutions to receive the amount needed for your home.  


The advantage of a reverse mortgage is based on the results that you can expect from one property.  You will have the ability to use your equity over an extended period of time.  However, you won’t be required to make payments on the home while you still remain in the property that you own.  This provides you with different results for the retirement that you are interested in.  


How many investment properties do you need to retire?  You can find simple solutions based on your plans.  If you are looking at leisurely activities and care with cash, then you will want to build your assets up over an extended period of time.  However, if you are interested in a lump sum, then one property can provide you with the monetary needs that you have for your home.  

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