Here’s why the Right Choice is to Sell with Agent

Who doesn’t want to make a profit from selling real estate? No, this isn’t a question – it’s a statement, a rhetorical one. Unfortunately, most people are under the impression that if they hire real estate agents, attorneys, photographers and other professionals, their profit will be minimal due to all the expenses. In the following piece we will explain why this notion is wrong and why if you decide to sell with agent you will end up being way happier with your deal.

The usual commission for a real estate agent in Australia is 3.5% of the price agreed in the deal. That means that if you sell your house for $100,000 you will end up paying $3,500 to your realtor. That sounds like a lot of money to some but at the end of the day such a deal is actually worth it and here’s why.

The marketing part is invaluable. If you want to deal with it yourself then you have to be prepared for a real fight. We say that now, but wait till we get to the part where we talk about vetting buyers and doing paperwork. That’s when the marketing side will look like a walk in the park to you.

Anyway, if you sell with agent then they will help you determine the right price for your property. Additionally they will provide you with insight on how to take photos of your house and will assist with posting it on the MLS. If you are to do all of that on your own, then you have to pay a photographer and typically a fee of around $1,000 to get on the MLS.

People who decide to go with the option to sell with agent also get more information about home renovations. A realtor will give you a heads up on what will increase the value of your home and which parts won’t have any effect on the price. This way you will plan your renovation expenses and won’t be forced into pointless investments.

An agent will do all the “slave work” for you. While you tent to other daily matters, your agent will speak with potential buyers and will find out whether they are good for your property or not. In other words, if there are any timewasters, you aren’t going to be the one to deal with them. Many folks nowadays forget to value their time and that’s where they make their biggest mistake. If you have to answer every phone call and show your house to everyone then you basically turn into a rookie realtor with zero experience. Do you really want that?

Finally, you will need to spend money on an attorney in order to drive the paperwork part of the deal through. If you sell with agent, you don’t have to do that as they will be perfectly familiar with the procedure. By now you have perhaps realised that a measly $3,500 fee for a real estate agent is definitely worth it.