Can You Sell House With Mortgage?

Let's be honest, everything is possible when money is in play. You might hear some people say that it's impossible as you don't own any equity over your house while there's a mortgage on it, but this is not really true. So the simple answer to the question - Can you sell house with mortgage - is Yes.

So the next logical question is, how can you do it, right? Before we answer this question, let's make it clear what does actually house with mortgage mean?

A house with a mortgage, said in the most simple way, is a property that you own, but in case you want to sell it, you'll have to ask the company that owns the mortgage. People place mortgages on their houses when they get loans from banks. The banks, in order to be sure that the owner will return their debt in full, place a mortgage on the house that will stay until that person returns the loan.

Now, how to sell your house with a mortgage? The only thing you need to be sure of before selling is whether your debt is smaller than the mortgage on the house. You can't sell a house if the mortgage is higher than the debt because, with the money you earn by selling, you need to repay your debt at the same time. If there is not enough money, the transaction won't be possible.

Another important thing is to see if you have a due-on-sale clause with your bank. If you do, you won't be able to transfer the debt to the buyer. Instead, you'll need to repay the debt in full yourself. However, if your house's value is enough to pay the mortgage then you don't need to care about this clause. Simply sell the house, pay the debt, and you might even have something left for you.

Selling your house with a mortgage seems pretty easy, and you're right, it's not rocket science. However, there's a lot of paperwork and work that will take you pretty much time. It is best if you hire an agent for this. Agents know their job and will make the deal between you and the buyer perfect, and will include the lender of the mortgage in it.

The other good side of it is that the agent will most probably find the best deal there is on the market for your house. Selling a house that has a mortgage can be tricky and much harder than a regular house. That's why you need a professional that will know how to convince the buyer that the mortgage is nothing special that can't be handled.

Can you sell house with mortgage? Sure you can, but real estate agents can sell it better. You'll earn more, and you'll close the debt without having to put too much trouble in it. Can you sell house with mortgage? Sure, but only if you're smart and do it right.