Why It's Better To Let an Agent Sell a House

Almost all people think that selling a house is an easy thing to do, but it never is. Some think that selling on their own is better and some think that when an agent sell a house - it's the best.

The truth is that there is no best way. There is only a preference about whether you know how to do it yourself, or would you rather let a professional deal with all the problems. If you decide to sell on your own, you basically take control of all aspects. You have direct insights into the price negotiation, the buyer profiles, but that's not something that is only a positive side.

If you let a professional sell a house instead of you, first of all, you are free of all obligations regarding the sale. The agent takes care of the meetings with potential buyers and will try to get the best price out of the house because it is in their interest too. The more money you as a seller get, the higher the provision for the agent is.

When it comes to showing the house to the buyers, you don't always have time for it. On the other side, real estate agents always have time for it, because that is basically their job. The seller is most often busy and doesn't have time to show the house and explain the good and the bad sides. The agent will do that for you after you explain every detail. Being professionals, agents know how to highlight the good parts of the house and make the negative sides less visible.

The money is the most often reason people decide to sell their houses on their own. It is a common perception that paying money to real estate agencies is money thrown in the wind. It really looks like it's like that, but it's actually the opposite. Real estate agents are professionals that will do everything in their power to make the best price for the seller and sell the house at the highest possible price. That means, for example, if the house is worth $200.000, you as an individual will probably sell it around that amount. The agents will convince the buyers that they should buy the particular house for a higher price, let's say $220.000. If you agree with 3% then you earn around $14.000 more. The agent cost you money, but the same agent provides you significantly more money than you could get selling on your own.

Another good side when you're hiring an agent to sell a house is the legal matter and the design advice you get. Paperwork can be a real bugger and if you hand it over to a professional, that's really helpful. Also, the agent will give you advice on what investment can be made so you can sell the house at a higher price. A pool in the yard that cost $5000 can raise the selling price to more than $20.000. So it's always better to hire a professional.