Should I Sell the House on my Own?

When you decide to sell your house, you need to decide if you're going to hire an agent to help you make the sell, or you'll try to make the best of the situation by yourself. Both options have their pros and cons, so you'll have to realize what suits you the most. If you try to sell the house on your own, you'll need to have more time, energy and be more present in the whole process. If you hire an agent, you'll generally be more relaxed.

When it comes to selling on your own, the good sides are that you have a complete control over the situation. You choose when and how you'll meet potential buyers. You will be the one that will show them around the house and explain the good and the bad sides of it. Since you're living in it, you know it best, and the buyers will have the best picture of what they're about to buy.

Another good thing is that you don't need to pay anything to the agent for the sale. However, you'll have to be present and available at all times. This option is good if you're a senior and you're living in the house, but it's a little more complicated if you're working full time. This way you won't be able to exit work every time someone calls to see the house.

If you hire an agent to sell the house, then you're hiring a professional who is selling houses every day. They know all the tricks, know how to handle the responsibility and they'll probably get the best possible price of the buyers. On top of everything, they are always available for the potential buyers. Since it is their job to show the client's house, they'll always have time for them. While showing it, they know how to highlight the good parts and present the flaws as something that's not a deal breaker. In a way, an agent is the best option if you want to sell your house and you want to do it fast and for a fair price.

If we talk about price, many people think that hiring an agent is just throwing money in the wind. In some situations that can be true, but a good real estate agent can only save you money. You'd ask how is that possible when they charge per sale. Sure, you'll pay them, but be sure that the agent is an experienced negotiator and they will most certainly get the best price of your house because the higher the price, the more money they'll make.

Also, the agent knows how the market works. They know that small investment in your house can make your house more valuable and they'll tell you everything about it. Paying for an agent to sell the house is actually paying for the experience and you can only profit off it.