How to stop the bank from selling your home

If you have a house and a mortgage on it, you know that you can't miss a month with paying your bills because someone from the bank will most certainly call you and ask you what's going on. Banks hate activating the deal and trying to sell your house if you don't pay each month, but if they have to, they'll surely do it.

If you're late with paying a month, you'll get out with only a call, but if you're late for three months, the bank will see you as unable to pay the monthly fee and will activate the foreclosure procedure. If you find yourself in a situation like this, you need to look for options, because losing your home is never a smart idea.

One of the things you should consider is the popular sell and stay agreement. It is a deal in which you actually sell your home and make an agreement with the buyer that you can stay in your home as a tenant. Of course, you'll no longer have the ownership of the property, but you'll also have no debt toward the bank. So if you googled stop bank from selling home and didn't find anything useful, try this.

To stop bank from selling home is not an easy thing, and this alternative will help you keep your living space and still be able to continue the same way you live. When the buyer gets the ownership of your place, you get enough money to cash out the bank. Debt free, you can focus on getting back on your feet much easier.

Probably the best in this situation is that you'll no longer have any obligations toward anyone, except the new owner who is your landlord at the same time. You'll have to find money each month to pay the rent, and that's it. No paperwork, no taxes, no worrying about renovating, this is all a job for the new owner.

Keeping your place and not having to move out is another thing that's a great thing in this kind of deal. A standard sell property deal will make you move out and look for another place to stay. This can be very difficult especially in a situation like this because not having enough money for the most basic things produce stress. Not having to move out, means you continue living the same way you did before. Actually, no one even needs to know you have sold your home, you can just pretend nothing happened.

When you notify the bank that you're about to sell, the bank will give you 90 days to do it. During this time, the foreclosure procedure is stopped and you'll have plenty of time to organize. However, it is best if you don't even wait for the bank to activate the procedure. Do it before you even need to type in "stop bank from selling home" in the search bar. Of course, it's hard to know if you're not going to have enough money in the future, but it's better this way than to lose your home completely.