Never Sell a House on Your Own

People think that selling a house on their own is better because they don't need to pay extra money to professionals. But this is completely wrong. Professionals are called that way because they know how to do their job professionally which means they'll sell your house for the best price possible.

Why you should never sell a house on your own and why it's always better to hire a real estate agent, follow up and learn.

When you try to sell a house on your own, you need to know everything about real estate and selling properties. This means all the paperwork and legal matter, all the fluctuation and trending on the real estate market and many other smaller things that only professionals know. This is simply impossible for a normal person, and that's why is best to hire an agent.

Sure, agents charge a fee of the sale they'll make but this doesn't always mean this money are coming off your pocket. Most often than not, this money comes from the pocket of the buyer. How? Because an agent is an expert in getting the best possible price for the property they're selling. If your house is worth $300.000 they'll try to sell it for the highest possible price, but never under the limit they think it's worth. Why? Because the higher the price they reach - the higher the percent they'll get. More money for you as a seller means more money for them.

Another important thing when real estate agents are in question and why it's better to hire them instead of sell a house on your own is the bargain abilities they have. You might think of yourself as an expert in this field, but you'll never be real estate agent expert level. They know how to present your house at its the best and how to highlight the good sides. At the same time, they know how to "hide" things that might make a drop in the property value. They are skilled to make sales and you can be sure that the best price is the one an agent will provide.

This means that instead of losing money when hiring an agent, you'll actually end up getting money. Just think about it, if you pay your agent 3% and you sell your house for $300.000 instead of $250.000 the difference you'll make is staggering.

Also, when you hire a real estate agent, they'll give you an advice about how to increase the value of your house. They know what's popular and in high demand on the market. With small renovations and a little investment, you can make a better profit. For example, a small investment of a few thousand dollars in a swimming pool will increase the value of the house for at least 15-20 thousand. These little things only agents know and will tell you. Be smart, hire a real estate agent and never sell your home by yourself.