Three Things Why It's Better to Hire an Agent When Selling a House

When people decide to sell their house, they always think it's better to do it by themselves. They think that hiring a real estate agent is just wasting money and it's better if they do everything on their own. This is wrong on so many levels but in this article, we'll explain the top three things why it's better to hire an agent when you're about to sell a house.

Number one - Selling on your own will make you less profit. Now, the first thing everyone thinks about after the previous sentence is that is probably written wrong. It's not. Selling a house on your own will end in making less profit then letting an agent do it and here's why. When you decide to sell on your own, you think that you'll cut on the provision that the agent will get and thus - make more profit. This is completely wrong because agents usually ask for 2 or 3 percent of the sum the house is sold. Let's say you sell a house for $200.000. The agent will get around $5.000, but if the agent finds a way to sell your house for $250.000, they'll get around 2 grand more, and you'll get around $50.000 more.

If you think that an agent can't get a higher price than you can, just remember that an agent is a professional seller. They know how to bargain and make the best of the product they sell - in this case, your house.

Second, agents know the paperwork. For some people, one of the most annoying things in selling and buying is the paperwork. Going to the bank, calculating the tax, filling up forms, these are all things that can become highly complicated and you'll end up with a lot of stress and anger. The agent does this every day and they know every detail about it. Think about it like this - you pay to get a professional service in doing the paperwork without a mistake.

The third reason why it's better to hire an agent when you're selling a house is that agents know the market, understand how the game is played, know where to find the best buyers and have a network of people that will provide constant potential buyers that will see your house. The chance to sell a property on your own is around 10 times smaller than the one to sell it through an agent. You might be waiting for a month to find one serious buyer and if you don't negotiate well, you might lose that chance too. Just think about how many properties are out there for sale. You must stand out if you want to get a fair price for your house. The agent has buyers every day. They might be interested in something else, but a good agent will mention your house too, and someone might change their plan and bite for your house. That's why it's better to hire an agent when you're selling your house.