Sell And Stay is The Best Selling Contract There is in Australia Right Now

If you haven't heard about the sell and stay option and you want to sell your home because you desperately need money, then you're missing a lot. If you googled about best selling contract and you can't find anything that's a match, then you certainly missed this one. Sell and stay is definitely the best option when it comes to selling your home. Why? Read on and learn about it.

Sell and stay is selling agreement between you as a seller and the buyer aka the new owner of your home. However, with the agreement the roles are all mixed up because you sell the house, but you still get to live in it. This is an excellent choice for those that needs money for some kind of investment or paying their debts, but they also need a place to live. You might ask, how about going to the bank? Sure, it's an option for most, but now everyone. Some are not eligible for getting loans from the bank for many reasons. Some prefer not getting into deals with banks because of their interest rates which are pretty much stealing. That's why the sell and stay deal is an excellent choice for many people.

What is the best about this deal? The best is that you get to stay at your own house at the same time you receive a lot of money from selling the place. How is that possible? Well, you make a special deal in which you sell the house and you instantly become a tenant in it. The new owner is now your landlord and you pay monthly fee for living in the place. This is great if you don't like moving out, looking for a new place, moving your furniture and getting used to a completely new lifestyle. You get to live your life the same way you did before with a small difference that you have a lot of money in your pocket.

Just, don't forget to make a good deal. A standard part of it is adding a part in which the new owner will let you stay in the house for a fixed period of time after which you'll both talk about resuming the contract. Also, don't forget to be the first one the house will be offered after it is placed back on the market.

The deal is also great because owning a house is a lot of work and very expensive. When you sell the house you don't need to worry about taxes anymore, paperwork of any kind, and the new owner is also obligated to take care of the flaws around the place and also, of course, pay for them. Sell and stay is definitely the best selling contract there is right now. If someone tells you they know some other that's the best selling contract, than you can be sure it's a lie.