Should I Let an Agent Sell my House?

Many people struggle with selling their property. They think it's an easy job but in reality, it never is. Selling a house or any other type of property is really hard unless you want to sell the place for a price that's way lower than the value. If you're facing this problem, you need to ask yourself before you begin anything - is it better to sell on my own, or should I let an agent sell my house?

To answer the question we need to understand all the details about both options. They both have pros and cons but some of them are more important than others. Most people think that giving money to real estate agents is just wasting money. Let's see if this is true? Agents charge by percentage of the sale. That means if they sell your house for $100.000 they'll charge you around $3.000. Now you're thinking, why should I give some total stranger 3 grand when I can keep them for myself. If they sell double, they'll also charge double. This seems right but think about the other side of the problem.

An agent is a professional in selling properties. They know the market and they know how to handle clients. They also know all about paperwork during the process of selling and buying and chances are big you don't know anything about this. More important, an agent knows how to present the property in the best light. They know how to highlight the good parts and hide the bad ones. The image is everything nowadays and buyers like to see a good selling product, they want a place that's ready to be used at once. The agent will surely advise you how to make slight changes and investments in order to make a better image and raise the value of the place. Just think how much more attractive a house is when there's a pool in the backyard. It raises the price of more than $50.000 and the investment is less than $10.000.

Also, the negotiating skills the agents have allows them to get the best price possible of the place in the shortest possible time. You might place your house on the market for a certain price, but you'll never reach anyone interested in it. Agents work with clients every day and they'll show your place to many people without your need to even pick up the phone. Many people simply have no time to sell. They work and living work to show the house is kind of a big deal. If you decide to sell on your own and you work at the same time, you'll surely say to yourself, I should've let an agent sell my house.

Letting an agent sell my house is a matter of good business projection. It might seem cheaper to sell on your own, but it's really the other way around. Instead of saving, you'll end up losing if you don't hire an agent.