Think About The Future And Retire Early

Tough times are coming for people close to the age of retirement. The age limit in Australia and generally around the world is getting higher and higher. The Australian Government is running a plan in which by 2025 the age limit required for a person to retire will be 70. This is simply madness, but it is what it is and it's best for everyone to be prepared instead of losing their mind.

An early retirement is something that very popular nowadays and people always think about easier ways to retire before the standard age to get the government pension. The reasons are obvious, the first one is what we already mentioned in the first paragraph, and the second most important reason is that pensions are not something that will provide a decent living for anyone. Pensions are too low and sometimes they are not enough for people to use it for their basic needs like paying the bills and buying food. That's why a smart person is thinking about this problem way before it becomes a serious problem.

The best age to think and start solving this problem would be the first moment a person gets into office. The first working day should be the same day you work on better retirement days. However, almost no one does this. Young people look for the senior days like something that's not even going to happen. They are very wrong, but we know how it is, we were young too.The first moment a person realizes that something must be done is the best moment to do it. The obvious thing to do is to start saving. This is not an easy task but it's probably the only thing that's logical. If you're 40, and you save $1000 each month, it means you'll generate $12.000 a year. Until you're 50, you'll have $120.000. While you reach 60, you'll have $240.000, right? This is probably enough to provide a good life as a senior citizen. But, what if you didn't think about this when you were 40. You need a plan that will save money faster. You can't save more than $1000 each month, and many can't even get close to this number.

The answer might be ROI. ROI stands for return of investment - and it means that you'll be investing in your future. Think about it, all rich people around the world make investments every day. No one keeps all of its money in the pocket waiting to get retired. So what is ROI exactly?ROI saves your money and adds an interest on your behalf. This means that every cash you put in the fund, you get an interest on it. For example, if you save the same amount we talked about before, you'll need 20 years. With ROI and a standard interest rate of 7%, you'll get to the same amount of money around 7 years earlier. This means that you can retire 7 years before the standard limit and enjoy more of your life.